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Bill Bates Global Sketchbook
and Carmel Cartoons

Carmel artist Bill Bates has circled the world fourteen times with his sketchbook and roving eye for the fascination of people and places in all walks of life as it is lived and enjoyed on islands and in seaport cities in 133 countries.

The result is a delightful, unique, occasionally haunting artist’s counterpart to Edward Steichen’s famous Family of Man exhibition and book of photographs published by the New York City’s Modern Museum of Art.

Given the grim impact of global warming on islands and seaport cities, Bates’ work is also a wake-up call for environmental revolution – for unless we curb the present suicidal power and greed of status quo and regressive global leadership, much of what Bates shows here in all its present day glory and wonder will be gone.

Meanwhile, here is a meaningful guide for the world traveler to where to go and what to look for – as well as an imperishable record for memory to share with friends and family afterward.

ATTN: Editors, Agents, and Publishers.

Please look at this sample. Consider these “evergreen” (or “long, long shelf life”) possibilities for the high quality publication of a combination of “table top” art book and travel guide for the book market in islands and seaport cities around the world.

Bill Bates’ Europe
Bill Bates’ Asia
Bill Bates’ Africa

Bill Bates' South Pacific

Plus this potential book of Bates’ famous cartoons depicting the facts and foibles of life in Carmel-by-the-Sea (titled "Carmel-by-the-Bates") for the 10,000,000 tourists from around the world who annually pour through California’s Monterey Peninsula looking for a quality souvenir for less than $30.

Bill Bates’ Carmel

Then contact us regarding publishing rights for your language and basic trade territory.

Elliot Sanders,
Global Marketing Manager

P.O.Box 222581
Carmel, CA 93922-2851

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