"Half the truth is often a great lie."  Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Darwin's Unfolding Revolution


"Important as the struggle for existence has been and even still is,

yet as far as the highest part of man's nature is concerned there are other

agencies more important."  Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man

Thus he wrote 95 times of love and 92 times of moral

sensitivity but only twice of survival of the fittest

in The Descent of Man

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Prologue: The truth about Darwin— and Us

Part I: A Young Man’s Bold Vision

One: Sexual Revolution

Two: Barnacles, Brains, and the Blinding of Species

Three: Moral Transformation

Four: The Visionary Ladder and Avoiding Scandal

Part II: An Old Man’s Surprises

Five: A New Beginning

Six: The Enchantment of the Moral World

Seven: The Reenchantment of Our World

Eight: The Trashing of the Moral World

Nine: The Proper Place of Selfishness

Ten: The Celebration of Selfishness, or
Selfishness Uber Alles

Eleven: The Proper Place for Survival of the Fittest

Twelve: The Celebration of Survival of the Fittest, or
Me and Mine Above All

Thirteen: The Discovery of Organic Choice

Fourteen: The Life of No Choice and the Universe
of No Meaning

Fifteen: The Celebration of Choice, or Freedom
Above All

Sixteen: Choice versus Unquestioning Submission
to Authority

Seventeen: The Destination of Species I

Eighteen: The Derailing of Species

Nineteen: The Destination of Species II

Part III: Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New

Twenty: The Second Darwinian Revolution

Twenty-one: The Great Adventure and Our
Journey to the Better World

End documents

A. Digging for Darwin’s Lost Theory:
    A Guide to Its Whereabouts and Editing

B. The Darwin Project

C. Pre-publication Reviews by Scientists and


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Basic description

Endorsements by leading
scientists and educators

Highlights and features

The Darwin Cycle:

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         Darwin in Love,

         Darwin's Unfolding

         Revolution, The

         Derailing of Species,

         Telling the New Story.

About the author: 

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Darwin's Unfolding Revolution:
Basic Description

Award winning, acclaimed by leading scientists, contradicting what we've been taught for over 100 years, Darwin's Unfolding Revolution . . . “is a scientific mystery story of the first order” . . . “will cause a revolution in social theory”. . .”clearly shows how evolution theory bears on the survival of our species”. . . ”will be one of the major books of the early Twenty-First Century” . . . is “an immensely important book with an engaging and easy style.”

Scheduled for first publication by Benjamin Franklin Press in English in the fall of 2006 and by German publisher Arbor Verlag in 2007, Darwin's Unfolding Revolution is a combination of scientific revolution . . . the gripping story of Darwin's original discovery of the love and morally-oriented “higher order” completion for his theory of evolution . . . and the implications of this discovery for getting our lives back on track toward a much better world.

It is also a searing expose of how the psychological impact of 100 years of "survival of the fittest" and "selfish genes" Darwinism helped bring on the disasters of two world wars. . . the rise of Hitler ... global environmental degradation . . . the ruinous religious and political exploitation of the wasteful and senseless Creationist-Intelligent Designist-Evolutionist “debate” . . . and global concern about the evolutionary backward drive for Bushist America.

Grounded in recent advanced studies of the dynamics of evolution, this “absolutely essential” book for the first time shows how the first Darwinian revolution was taken over and turned against us -- and how a new second Darwinian revolution can help ring out the past and ring in the liberation of the 21st century.

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Darwin's Unfolding Revolution: Endorsements by
Leading Scientists and Educators

Here's what leading scientists, educators, and internationally well known authors say after a pre-publication reading of Darwin's Unfolding Revolution in manuscript.

". . . everyone concerned with our understanding of evolution on this planet owes Loye a deep debt of gratitude."

". . .the most exciting, most revealing book on Darwin I have ever read."

". . . grips the reader's imagination somewhat as if glued to watching him put together a giant jig-saw puzzle showing the whole sweep of evolution in the light of both former and recent thinking."

" . . .Once in a decade or more a special book comes along, of urgent importance to the intellectual discourse of the time: Darwin, Freud, Jantsch, Lovelock. David Loye's Darwin's Unfolding Revolution is this special."

". . . restores the full grandeur to Darwin's thesis as it evolved, as living beings evolved, from the survival of the fittest, through altruistic acts in social communities to the final affirmation of a desire for good, more compelling even, than our desire for self-preservation."

". . . corrects an oversight in the history of science which has swerved the modern world off its track. . . provides the key to the reintegration of the sciences: physical, biological, and social . . . can be the spark to jumpstart the social sciences to a new golden age of relevance to popular culture, by clearly showing how evolution theory bears on the survival of our species and our biosphere. In this work Loye has brought his unique erudition to an enormous and critical task, and carried it off with genius."

". . . will cause a revolution in social theory as . . . the study of culture and moral order are rethought and recast in the light of Darwin's moral theory. . . absolutely essential reading for every social scientist."

". . . a major scientific treasure."

". . .one of the major books of the early Twenty-First Century."

". . . carefully researched and beautifully written, dramatically changes our understanding of Darwin and of evolution itself. . . nothing less than revolutionary."

". . . an immensely important book with an engaging and easy style that will recommend it to readers of all backgrounds and interests."

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Darwin's Unfolding Revolution: Highlights

Here are the long ignored word counts that tell the story:

In The Descent of Man which deals with human evolution -- Darwin actually wrote only twice of "survival of the fittest" -- once to apologize for using what he came to feel was an unfortunate and misleading phrase.

Instead, he wrote 95 times of love, 92 times about moral sensitivity , and 200 times of the importance of mind and brain at our species' level of development.

Incredibly ignored throughout the 20th century, here are two basic direct quotes from The Descent of Man:

“Important as the struggle for existence has been and even still is,” Darwin flatly states, “yet as far as the highest part of man’s nature is concerned there are other agencies more important .”

As for his 20th century successors' claim for the "selfish gene" as the prime driver for human evolution, “selfishness ” -- Darwin further flatly declared -- is a “ base principle ” accounting for the “ low morality of savages.”

Both as a young man and as an old man, Darwin emphasized the central importance of moral evolution. Again direct quotes underline his scientific reaffirmation of the universal finding across cultures and languages of the “Golden Rule” as the prime guide to advance for our species .

Here are some of the mid- to late 20th century scientific breakthroughs this book shows that the amazing full genius of Darwin anticipated in the long ignored completion of his theory. Chaos theory.     Maslow and humanistic psychology. Key concepts of modern cognitive science. The new field of the biology of love.    The discovery of self-organizing processes as a third major foundational factor in evolution.    The structure for moral evolution uncovered in modern brain research.    Even the scientific grounding for the moral perspective and global ethic of Jesus, Gautama, and other great spiritual visionaries.

In recognition of the importance of the work this book reports the author has received awards from the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning and the Society for the Study of Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences.

Until now reports of the discovery of the rest of Darwin and its implications for us today have been mainly confined to special issues of scientific journals and the specialist world of academic presses (e.g., State University Press of New York (SUNY Press), Praeger, Gordon and Breach).

This is the first book written by an award-winning author to reach a wide general as well as scholarly readership with the revolutionary story and theory of the second Darwinian revolution.

Inspired by this discovery, the Darwin Project -- with a Council of over 50 leading American, European, and Asian scientists and educators -- has been formed to shift the teaching of evolution from the disastrous 20th century fixation solely on first half or "survival of the fittest" and "selfish genes" Darwinism to the new morally-grounded full scientific understanding of Darwin's completed theory and the huge and still poorly-understood body of modern progressive scientific studies that updates and advances it.

Excited by this hopeful news out of science, the website for The Darwin Project (www.thedarwinproject.com) has been visited by over 400,000 readers in the U.K., Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan, besides the U.S.

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Darwin's Unfolding Revolution:
Author Bio

The author of Darwin's Unfolding Revolution is psychologist and evolutionary systems scientist David Loye.

Originally a television newsman in the Senator McCarthy and Ed Murrow years recaptured in the award-winning movie "Good Night, and Good Luck,"  Loye left journalism for science. After gaining his Ph.D., he became a visiting lecturer at Princeton University and research director for the Program on Psychosocial Adaptation and the Future and research professor at the UCLA School of Medicine.

He is a co-founder of the multinational, multidisciplinary General Evolution Research Group, the Society for the Study of Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, and founder of The Darwin Project (www.thedarwinproject.com). Author of the national award-winning psychohistory The Healing of a Nation, Loye’s many books for a general as well as scholarly readership are all currently available for preview and purchase on Amazon and other global online book sellers -- originally published by Norton, Wiley, Jossey-Bass, the State University Press of New York (SUNY Press), New Science Library, Bantam New Age Books, Park Street Press, Praeger, Dell, and publishers in the U.K., Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Japan, and China.

In addition to other books and many journal articles on Darwin and evolution, he is the editor of The Great Adventure: Toward a Fully Human Theory of Evolution (SUNY Press,2004), and earlier, The Evolutionary Outrider: The Impact of the Human Agent on Evolution (Praeger, 1998; Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2004).

For more information about Dr. Loye's books and scientific and

personal background, click here.

Partnership World For publication December 2006.  Advance Order Now!

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Darwin's Unfolding Revolution:
Global Marketing

All markets: Darwin's Unfolding Revolution should globally appeal to educated readers as well as scholars in all fields because of its heavy endorsement by leading scientists and educators . . . its startling, well-documented body blow to the globally destructive doctrine of survival of the fittest . . . its easy and engaging writing . . . and the case it makes for hope for a better world through a second Darwinian revolution involving thousands of progressive modern scientists and activists.

Partnership WorldPartnership WorldPartnership World

For the United States:   Besides All Markets appeal (see above), this book is very much on target for sales to readers in Red as well as Blue states because of rising concern about the Creationist versus Evolutionist battle and the increasing involvement of the Bushite religious constituency with all but official presidential approval.   Involving at the very least Bill Moyers' estimate of 50-million Americans, state legislatures, education departments, and school boards, this concern is back in the news for conservative mainstream as well as progressive internet coverage.

By providing the startling documentation of Darwin's long ignored insistence upon moral sensitivity as the primary drive for human evolution, this book blunts the Creationist case against science -- making a strong new case for of potentially immense appeal to hundreds of thousands of progressive parents, psychologists, scientists, scholars in all other fields, and civic leaders and social and political activists.

United Kingdom:   Should be an exceptionally good market because of the recognition by authorities of the book's revolutionary nature for science and society . . . sensitivity of British newspapers (e.g., The Guardian with global presence) to the Creationist-Evolutionist struggle sketched above for U.S. market . . . and the strong national feeling for Darwin and the beloved Darwin story.

Canada and Australia:   Good market for the same reasons as for U.K. and U.S. -- including special interest for Australia because of Darwin's visit during the famous voyage of the Beagle and popular northern seaport city Darwin named after him.

Germany:   German publisher Arbor-Verlag's scheduled publication for Darwin's Unfolding Revolution represents a coup for editor Leinhard Valentin and first sale for Benjamin Franklin Press with representation by Sarah Crowe of the New York literary agency Trident Media Group.

Many thanks for the behind-scenes boost from Herr Doktor Professor Peter Meyer-Dohm, widely known and beloved chairman of countless prestigious agencies and committees for German education, author of that wonderful book Fragrance of the Heart, and Frankfurt Book Fair habitue.

Italy, France, and Belgium :   Potentially very good market because of potential impact of German publication and the global prominence of Italian, French, and Belgian scholars at the forefront of evolution theory and research (many through our contacts potentially available for prestigious Forewords). Another vital factor affecting marketing in Italy is the fact that -- driven by liberal versus conservative dynamics, highly heated, controversial -- the Italian version of the Creationist versus Evolutionist battle in legislatures, state education departments, is in the news and both popular and scholarly magazines.

Switzerland and Spain:   Potentially good market because of the potential impact of German publication and expanding link between progressive science and progressive politics (e.g., in Zurich and Barcelona!), as well as the dynamics of the Italian and French new attunement to the subject of evolution.

Brazil:   Potentially good market because of the positive new Brazilian presence awakened internationally through progressive politics and policies and the moving personal experiences, humor, humanity, and remarkable writing of Paulo Coelho.

Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark:   Potentially good market because of the impact of German publication and the fact that Scandinavian countries are the best examples in the world today of the benefits from a global shift from the old Darwinian mind-set to the unfolding of the long ignored humanistic and prosocial completion for Darwin's theory and story of evolution that this book reports.

Scandinavia leads the world in showing how the progressive politics, economics, and policies of the second Darwinian revolution this book outlines lead to more freedom, prosperity, better health, and peace rather than war. They also lead the world -- far surpassing the U.S. -- in the percentage of their GNP they share with needy nations in the rest of the world. (Again, potential for prestigious Forewords through our contacts).

Japan, Korea, and China:    Potentially good markets. Along with universal interest in Darwin, publication in Japan, Korea, and China of many books by some of the modern scientific stars of Darwin's Unfolding Revolution -- among them internationally known evolution theorists and other scientists such as Ervin Laszlo, Riane Eisler, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi -- has laid the groundwork for considerable interest in this new book.

Two earlier books on the second Darwinian revolution by the author of this book -- Darwin's Lost Theory of Love and The Evolutionary Outrider -- have just been published in mainland China.

Forewords tailored to foreign editions:   The Benjamin Franklin Press can provide special forewords tailored to national and regional interests by the author, or suggest possibilities from among the prestigious, multinational membership of the General Evolution Research Group and The Darwin Project.

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