"Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech."  Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

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Feedback from the Book Front

With faith in the peaceful and persistent impact of the Global Book RevolutionThe Benjamin Franklin Press is a work in progress.

Book by book, we can select them.  And publish them.  And recommend good books by other publishers.  But how fast and widely the peaceful Global Book Revolution spreads depends on readers, writers, reviewers, endorsers, buyers, critics, librarians, recommenders, and acquiring editors and agents for foreign publishing rights.

Please join us! Here’s how.

Proprietor, Ben Franklin
The Benjamin Franklin Press



Readers:    Email and tell your friends about our books. Form a book club or take them to your established club for week by week discussion . For “how to,” see Better World Book Clubs. Let us know what you like and want to see more of — or what you don’t like and want less of.

Reviewers:    Write reviews, for book clubs or online or print media book review sections. E.g., Amazon, (www.amazon.com, See Customer Reviews), Powells Books (www.powells.com, to encourage Powell’s excellent in-house reviews), Barnes & Noble (www.bn.com, see Customer Reviews), your newspapers, magazines, journals.  Also send us a copy for posting here.

Endorsers:     If you have gained a name and connections that carry weight with others, please send us a brief endorsement for books of ours you find especially meaningful. Use this form for signature: Name, Title, Affiliation.  Or Name, author of Book Title or Titles.

Buyers:     Every purchase helps put money back into speeding up and spreading the peaceful Global Book Revolution. Buy new BFPress books here. Or anywhere around the world via the global distribution of Amazon, Powells Books, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, et cetera. Or order through Borders and independent book stores.



   Bloggers:    Like you, ours is an independent new voice for sanity in a world gone bonkers and blooey.  Help protect and beef up online publishing by spreading the good word for our books.  (Soon we hope to put up and distribute a Bloggers Video with political and social commentary from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sojourner Truth, and Eleanor Roosevelt!).

  Critics:     Let us know if you catch errors, or want to raise hell pro or con about anything in or about our books. We’re a work in progress, out to spark creative dialogue in every way we can.

  Librarians:    Do you want the federal government, local government, and/or a local rightwing “Citizens Committee” trying to shove across police state monitoring and control of what can — or cannot — be read?   Feature mind-liberating BFPress books in your New Books section.  Report acquisitions of and recommend our books in ALA newsletters and conferences.

Recommenders:    If you want to recommend an engaging book you think helps advance evolution by expanding mind, heart and/or soul on any of the 15 levels and activities of the “Tree of Evolution” (see chapters 12 and 13, Bankrolling Evolution), please share your enthusiasm with others here.  Not just books of ours.  Books new or old.  Of all publishers, any language, not just ours.




Foreign Language Publishers:    See the Guides to Global Marketing that accompany every BFPress book for market analyses specific to your language or region.  For our case for both making money and doing good in the world with BFPress books, click here for our personal letter to acquiring editors, agents, marketing directors, and publishers.


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