We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly,

we shall all hang separately.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin


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How, out of the miserable mess we’ve made, can we build a better world?

I decided I would publish my books and the books of others to this end.

I was eighty at the time, with an award-winning book and others well received behind me. But looking at the books I had on hand in manuscript, and at the situation that prevails in the publishing industry, I saw I’d be lucky to see one more of them in print before I died.

I saw this was also true of many others I knew with something to write of that might actually help advance us, rather than merely check us in place or drive us backward in evolution.

Of all the people who’ve contributed to the bettering of our lives here on earth, it seemed to me Benjamin Franklin could best serve as this venture’s patron saint. Not only was he a scientist, author, and inventor, as I am, and a publisher, as I’d become. As a revolutionist and statesman, he was just short of Abraham Lincoln as perhaps worldwide the single most widely meaningful embodiment of the American dream that originally inspired global aspiration.

So this became the Benjamin Franklin Press.

Since then, with the aid of a particularly gifted cover artist and other adepts, I’ve begun to whittle down my own bulging stack of books eager to see print. But what of the dream of liberating the work of others from Never Never Land?

I’ve had to face the fact I’m too old and too short of money to realize that dream—but something new is in the wind in that direction! Something new in Asia!

Stay tuned to see how it unfolds.

Meanwhile, for more of my story—and the stories behind Benjamin Franklin Press books past, present, and future—click here.

I particularly invite you to look at my new trilogy Darwin and the Battle for 21st Century Mind—and my surprising new section for Poems past, present, and future.












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