“Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.”    Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

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The Global Book Revolution

What’s happened to the America that used to be

the hope of the world?

George Washington

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Tom Paine

Tom Paine

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Elizabeth Cady

We staked our "lives and fortunes" and precious time on this earth to launch and advance the American revolution.  Now it’s your turn to regain it!

Let’s face it, just more of what you’ve been doing is not enough. The job facing men and women of intelligence, good will, and the old vision of the better world is nothing less than

a renewal,

rebuilding, and

re-energizing of the

American and the global mind.

This can be done through the one sure revolution we’ve had going for us now for thousands of years.  Century by century, decade by decade, and year by year, it’s been the drive over time of the publication of the kind of books that engage, and entertain, and liberate mind, heart and soul at its best.

It’s been the peaceful and persistent push into a better future of the Global Book Revolution.

This is the revolution needed to lift us out of what progressive science, progressive religion, and just plain horse sense tells us is a senseless downturn for America and the world and drive us forward again.

This is the revolution that a new global network of readers, professional book people, activists, and a new alliance of internet and print publishing can advance. 

This is the revolution we’ve launched The Benjamin Franklin Press to help reinspire.

Please join us!

The Friends of Benjamin Franklin Press

With only a fraction of the millions that will go into political campaigns aimed at change in the crucial 2006 and 2008 elections in America, The Benjamin Franklin Press could become a significant change agent and help inspire the long term rebuilding, renewal, and re-energizing of the American and the global mind. 

Join the Friends of BFPress financially.  Write us.  Send checks. Or

          click here for a [donation via Paypal]. 

But just as important as money is all that can be done just through the drive of vision and concern without money.

Click here for all that can be done with your Feedback from the Book Front.


The BFPress Creative Community

BFPress emerges out of a twenty year push to apply the revolutionary work of the new action-oriented field of evolutionary systems science to gaining the better world that is at last within our grasp -- but all too few either understand or know it.

This is a new kind of science that tries to rise above,

or stand aside from, what is happening in confusing little bits and pieces in life, science, and education.

Its goal is to sort through this mess and see how we can

save the best, leave the worst behind, and gain the better future.

See Darwin’s Unfolding Revolution, The Darwin Project online Library and Book Store, and The Darwin Project Council of over 50 leading American, European, and Asian scientists, educators, and media activists at www.thedarwinproject.com.

Look into your own heart, mind, or soul – and Feedback from the Book Front– for how book people worldwide can join and push for the Global Book Revolution.

Click here for our Mission statement by Benjamin Franklin.


We’ve got everything about the better world thatcan be ours to gain

—and nothing to lose!


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