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A Program for a President 



Out of the shock of the debacle dumped on the world of the Bush years four very large questions face a new American president and thinking and caring people worldwide.

What happened to America?  How and why did it happen?  What can be done about it?  How on earth do we keep anything like it from ever happening again?

Backed by an authoritative report of the multinational research of U.S., European, and Asian scientists,  Bankrolling Evolution shows how and why an Obama presidency can put the power of a new science of healing behind the drive to build a better world. 

Part I lays bare what went wrong with a powerful diagnosis of the persisting threat of the pathology of regressive leadership, enablers, followers, and regressive money that financed the multi-billion dollar rightwing seizure of America.

Part II tracks how and why this happened within the contex of the historic worldwide rise of hope for the American dream of a better world---in sharp contrast toe the drive backward pushed to fearful extremes during the Bush years.

Part III explores how recapturing the vision of real power to the people can transcend division and forge a new alliance of thinking and caring people worldwide with new ways of national and global therapy.

Part IV shows how with progressive leadership we can prevent the return---otherwise potentially much worse next time---of what like the spread of a deadly illness periodically seizes whole nations to block and drive us backward in evolution.

Sparked by the development of the new Global Sounding measure of evolutionary health and well-being, Bankrolling Evolution shows how the new power to the people of a healing presidency can begin to get us back on track in human evolution.

Bankrolling Evolution is now available worldwide on Amazon, Powells, Barnes and Noble, and practically all other online book sellers throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  You can order it through book stores. Or order direct from Benjamin Franklin Press.



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