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Benjamin Franklin

A Reader’s Guide to
Global Book Revolution

The word revolution has two levels of meaning -- to tear apart and bring back together. Our books focus on bringing us back together in

From Science to Love, click on what interests you -- go to the shelves of our new online library for books to expand mind, heart, and soul — and out of chaos peacefully and persistently help build the better world.

Here’s the startling new book for BFPress that’s out to wake up America and put us back on track to the better world.

Click here for contents . . . the case for science and sanity against the Bushist threat to human evolution . . . guidance for effective political action with a powerful new measure of global well-being . . . a new scientifically grounded moral code . . . and the punch of progressive money and you.

Buy Bankrolling Evolution here today. Or globally through Amazon, Powells, Barnes & Noble, Alibris. Or order through Borders or your favorite independent book store.

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First published recently in Germany. Delightful, informative, scientifically and socially deeply meaningful. Rippling throughout with Darwin's rare and playful sense of humor. Now set for first American publication by BFPress. Click here for free advance access to Darwin in Love in English.

Partnership World

" A scientific mystery story of the first order . . ." Also set for publication next year in Germany. Based on the explosive discovery of the long ignored morally and action-oriented rest of Darwin. Now set for first American publication and global distribution by BFPress. Click here for free advance access to Darwin’s Unfolding Revolution in English.