"Without Freedom of thought, there can be no

such thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty,

without Freedom of speech.  Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin
Site Updated: 16 January 2007

Dear Reader:

I am delighted to announce a new way to provide you with fresh, new, and better food for the American and the Global Mind.

I’ve turned to food to convey the difference for our books because they're like food from the organic food store, specialty bakery, or higher quality small market these days.

Our books on Science, Education, Politics, Philanthropy, Morality, Spirituality, Entertainment, and Love, for example, focus on the kind of tasty brain food we need to build the better world we want for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. 

For a look at our shelves, please browse Our Books.

Please also take a look at our suggestions for forming or joining Better World Book Clubs.

Above all, please join the Friends of BFPress to help advance the exciting, new Book Lovers Revolution!

For your consideration, many thanks,


Ben Franklin
The Benjamin Franklin Press

EMAIL: benfranklin@benjaminfranklinpress.com
FAX: 831-626-3734.
MAIL: P.O. Box 222851, Carmel, CA 93922-2851


Partnership World

A New Approach
to Book Publishing

BFPress is using the new economies and resources of the internet to build a new kind of library, book store, and global creative community for progressive book lovers—for readers,

writers, librarians, sellers, editors, agents, and publishers in all world languages, all looking for the same thing.

Books that entertain and expand our minds—rather than further numb and dumb us down.

Books that drive us forward rather than backward in evolution.

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Partnership WorldPartnership World


The Benjamin Franklin Press is the end result of twenty years of publishing ventures aimed at moving the kind of books that can advance human evolution into both scientific and mainstream book publishing and book stores worldwide.

For the fascinating story of the General Evolution Research Group and The Darwin Project that lies behind this new publishing venture, go the website for The Darwin Project— www.thedarwinproject.com.

There you’ll find the story of how during the Cold War years a secret meeting of scientists from both sides of the Iron Curtain in Budapest led to the formation of the General Evolution Research Group.   How a goal for the Group was to replace the old “survival of the fittest” Darwinism then driving the U.S. and Russia toward nuclear mutual destruction with a positive new vision and theory of evolution that could be used as a guide to the better future.   How this led to a remarkable publishing venture involving two leading academic presses and best-selling trade books in over two dozen of this world’s languages.   How out of this thrust and the discovery of Darwin’s long ignored vision of a fully human, action-oriented completion for his theory and the story of evolution—with the corroborating work of the thousands of modern scientists and educators behind it—the Darwin Project was formed.

All this led to the formation of the Benjamin Franklin Press to expand this movement into all the areas of our lives needed to update and inspire the American and global mind to meet the challenge of our times—beyond science and education into politics, philanthropy, moral evolution, spirituality, and at the core for renewal: love.

Join this exciting new venture and help build the better future in the most ancient, peaceful, enduring, enjoyable, and delightful of ways.




Partnership World







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