The Best of Radford University: What Makes It Stand Out!

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Radford University is a hidden gem in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is an institution with a long history of academic excellence, and a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff who strive to make a difference in the world.

From its modern facilities and innovative technology to its commitment to a diverse and inclusive campus, Radford University is a place where students can explore their passions and find success. With top-notch programs and a wide range of activities, Radford University is one of the best universities in Virginia.

Whether you’re looking for a top-notch education, diverse extracurriculars, or a vibrant community, Radford University is the place for you.

Academic Excellence at Radford University

One of the best universities in Virginia, Radford University boasts a challenging curriculum taught by award-winning professors. The university has a strong liberal arts and sciences program, and its Engineering program is accredited by ABET.

Radford students can also choose from a variety of innovative interdisciplinary majors, such as Cybersecurity and Health Informatics. Additionally, the university has a robust online program with more than a third of students enrolled in at least one online course.

Most online courses are hybrid courses that combine online content with in-person instruction. All undergraduate and graduate students at Radford University have access to an online library. The library’s collection includes books, journals, and articles; a wide range of e-books; as well as access to thousands of online databases.

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Students can use online resources to conduct research, complete assignments, and stay connected with classmates and instructors. Radford University’s academic offerings also include a wide range of degree completion programs for mid-career professionals, as well as graduate programs in business, education, nursing, and more.

Additionally, the university offers several special programs designed for high school students, transfer students, and more.

Radford University’s Innovative Technology

The best universities in Virginia often push the boundaries of educational technology. Students at Radford University can take advantage of the university’s state-of-the-art eCampus system. This innovative technology allows students to access course materials, submit assignments, interact with peers and instructors, and more.

Students can access the eCampus system using their computer, tablet, or smartphone. They can use the system remotely on their device, or they can access the eCampus system on campus using a computer lab. Students can also access an online tutorial to learn how to navigate the system.

Radford University’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The best universities in Virginia are known for their commitment to diversity. At Radford University, the Center for Study and Service promotes social justice, diversity, and inclusion. The center hosts some workshops and events every year.

Students can also benefit from the Diversity and Inclusion Scholar program. This program provides financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students engaged in research that promotes social justice, equity, and inclusion.

Students can also join one of the university’s many clubs and organizations, such as the Asian Pacific American Club; the club for Native Americans; the LGBTQ+ group; and the Society for Hispanic Engineers.

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Extracurriculars and Student Activities

The best universities in Virginia have a wide range of extracurriculars and student activities. At Radford University, students can explore their interests and passions through more than 800 clubs and organizations. Some of the most popular clubs and organizations include the Student Government Association, the Phi Sigma Epsilon honorary society, and the Homenetmen Armenian Student Association.

Additionally, the university offers a wide range of sports and athletic activities, as well as theatre and dance performances. Students can also find opportunities to gain work experience through internships, practicums, and service projects.

Radford University’s Support for Students

The best universities in Virginia offer support programs for students. At Radford University, the Office of Disability Services offers services and accommodations to students with disabilities. The office hosts many events and workshops each year to help students navigate the university, find accommodations, and succeed in their classes.

Students can also take advantage of the Office of Financial Aid, which provides financial assistance to students from a wide range of backgrounds. The office hosts regular workshops to help students understand the financial aid process, as well as other financial resources available to them.

The Benefits of Attending Radford University

The best universities in Virginia have a range of benefits for students. At Radford University, students can take advantage of the robust on-campus food system, which features a wide range of healthy meal options. They can also take advantage of the campus’s modern and luxurious facilities.

Students can relax at the Squires Student Recreation Center, attend events at the Hylton Performing Arts Center, and study in one of the modern libraries and classrooms. Additionally, the university offers many services that help students succeed during their time at the school.

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Students can take advantage of the Academic Advising Center, which provides personalized academic advising. They can also take advantage of the Career Planning and Development Center, which provides career services and career development workshops.


All in all, Radford University is one of the best universities in Virginia. This top-notch institution offers an excellent education, as well as a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff who strive to make a difference in the world.

With modern facilities and innovative technology, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and support for students, Radford University is a great choice for students of all interests and backgrounds.

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